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TA Today addresses the perennial problem in trading and investing - how to consistently profit in the markets without taking large drawdowns. Since the turn of the century there have been two exceptionally large drawdown periods where, if you did nothing, as much as half your money was taken away from you. This can be avoided and we have in fact done just that with our neoclassical methodology and our almost religious attention to money management.

We offer essentially two products - one for the little guy and one for the big guy.

The Proverbial Little Guy

The little guy has unique advantages when it comes to trading and investing and TA Today provides you with the education to do just that If you have the time and inclinations to learn to fish, TA Today provides unlimited access to our patent pending neoclassical tools. These tools do not exist anywhere else on the Internet.

Additionally there isĀ a hand-picked portfolio managed daily by L.A. for you busy individuals who actually have to work for a living (it just requires about 15 minutes each morning to mimic L.A.'s performance).

All of this is offered at an extremely affordable price of just a couple dollars a day. We do not employ a sales staff nor do we clutter the site with endless advertisement but instead adhere to the principal that something of value will sell itself.

Here's a short video describing these tools and how/why you should check them out.

You can get additional information and pricing on the Tools and Advisory Services (click the link) and see what makes it so unique and desirable.

The Big Guy

For qualified investors, L.A. does the Money Management and investing for you. If you are looking for someone to manage your portfolio and are a qualified investor, L.A. would be happy to discuss this with you. To see if this might fit your needs, then check out this link for actively managed portfolios for qualified investors