Live Streaming TA TV


Watch the live streaming video from tatoday by clicking on the TV screen above.

Viewing and Interactive Details

  • To watch the show live, just click on the TV Screen above.
  • To participate when L.A. is doing the show (ask questions about your favorite stocks), then just create an account at LiveStreamand then you will be able to type in questions to L.A. during his live broadcasts.
  • To view all prerecorded shows and events from non-mobile devices, just click on the "Videos" label below to right of the TV screen. This will reveal a number of folders that contain all prerecorded videos. For example, the 5 most recent TA Wrap shows are contained in the folder labeled "Most Recent TA Wrap". Clicking on that folder will show all videos that are within the folder. Finally, click on the recording that you wish to watch.

    If you are wanting to view archived shows from a mobile device, just tune into TA Today's YouTube Channel

On Demand TV

All TA TV schedule events and programs are archived and available to you on demand. Just follow this link and choose a channel that fits your device and enjoy TA TV at your convenience.

Commercial Free TV

For the LiveStream Channel (the one you are on now), if you would like to watch TA TV broadcasts commercial free then follow the instructions in our helpful FAQ.

How to Participate in Live Streaming Broadcasts

You can interact live with L.A. on any live broadcasting even by using the chat box to type in your questions while L.A. is on air. He loves the interaction and always says that two eyes are better than one so if you have a chart that you think is dynamite or just a stock you have an interest in, go ahead - ask! You will be surprised how many other people have the same question. Your participation creates value.

If you can't be on the show during the broadcast, you can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he'll be happy to cover it while on air. Just state what the stock is, if you wish to buy or sell; enter or exit; and the time frame for the trade.

Live Streaming Mobile Device Availability

Mobile device availability for this LiveStreaming channel is currently only supported during live broadcasts. Archived broadcasts for mobile devices is available on TA Today's YouTubeChannel.

Music Used on the Show (if used)

L.A. feels privileged to have the uplifting music composed by John Hoefflin - a family friend- as an introduction and trailer to the broadcast. John Hoefflin's music is uplifting and brings joy to the ears. We feel privileged that he would let us start our programs out with his tunes. His ability to make the saxophone dance with delight is what makes him special. Here's a link to much of his wonderful Saxophonist melody's.