Stock Monitor - A Video Introduction

Being able to time your entry and exit is a large part of the battle in trading. This is particularly true for options traders. In the old days, this required an endless effort of scanning, examining, creating watch lists, setting alarms and managing all of this over time. Anyone who has been through this process knows just how frustrating and inefficient it is.

With TA Today we have simplified the process substantially. All of the Trading Signals concepts of breakout and retrace have been made more granular in the TA Today Stock Monitor tool. 

Essentially, Stock Monitor does the same thing as and TA Today Trading Signals except, it does not require that the stock meets 80% the criterion to alarm you but instead alarms any time any trading signal matches. In this way it is much more granular and you will seldom be surprised anymore about a stock breaking out or retracing.

What this does for you is to make the signal much more granular so that you are advised if any trading signal occurs!

Here's a short video introduction to TA Today's Stock Monitor tool.

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