The following are a collection of letters received from traders and investors who have found Technical Analysis Today's tools and services invaluable. The intent of TA Today is to provide a consistent view of the markets and to help the "little guy" traverse those same markets in a consistently profitable fashion. Whether you end up as just an occasional viewer, a registered member or a subscriber, value is to be had. These testimonials are letters we have received indicating that we are fulfilling our mission. Naturally we would hope that you eventually decide that some of our paid services are right for you but even if not, the more general material we provide is unlike what you will find most anywhere else.

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Unsolicited Testimonials


Hi L.A.,

I've been working the Watchlists, Trading Signals and Stock Monitor (great tools!) into my trading routine.

Just a quick question ... are intermediate and long term trading signals only generated for the last day of the period (ie. for the last day of the week for intermediate term and last day of the month for long term)?




-- L.A.'s response back


They only are updated as you have noticed – weekly and monthly. We considered doing them earlier wiht some special “potential” notation but never did.


Hey L.A.,

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to talk with me yesterday.  I really enjoyed our conversation (especially hearing how you grinded and persevered for 15-20 years developing and implementing your strategies – what a great success story!) and I appreciate your unselfish spirit and desire to see others succeed as well.

I hope to have the privilege of learning under you and ultimately achieving just a small fraction of what you have accomplished.

I’ll be in touch.  Thank you again.




Hi LA,

I wanted to let you know “in person” I have cancelled my membership with TA today.

I have been very happy with everything you have offered over the past year, so none of this comes out dissatisfaction with your services. However, I have moved into several more long-term positions, and have difficulty finding the time for awhile already for more involved trading.

I wanted to let you know you have been a great teacher, and I learned a great many things, for which I am thankful. I hope to return one day.

All the best and thanks,

Fred A.



Hi L.A.

Just wanted to say I enjoyed your intro to the site. I have mentioned it before, but for a small, ‘casual’ trader, the information and help you offer for free on your site is staggering and makes an enormous difference.

Thanks and a great 2015

Niels R



Happy New Year - my partner and I both listen to your daily video and weekly.  Thank you for the excellent resource/learning material.




Hi LA,

Just to thank you for mentioning,in one of your recent videos, how companies are buying back their shares and so increasing EPS and through that their share price (despite no increase or very little increase in sales per share). Very clear explanation and something I did not know.

Thanks again




Dear Mr. Little,

I purchased two of your books. They are both insightful and useful to improve my trading.




Dear LA,

Just a note to thank you for sharing your "trader instinct" suggestion the other day on your video about the sell the news reaction on Draghi and also that you would not bet on it due to positive technicals  You were proved right on both (went down but then bought back up)!

Kind regards





Been watching gold as this is a key level for a bounce or lower. Your comments on commodities in relation to oil got my attention back to gold.

Thanks a bunch. Probably the best trade I'll ever make :)

Thx, X

Colorado Springs


It is hard to believe the amount of information, analysis and knowledge you are sharing here on tatoday, on Market Watch and in the daily YouTube updates, all for free. I am just learning and simply happy to still be trading after 4-5 years of trying to be profitable (I am not, however   ….   yet).

Greatfully – Thanks.




I want to say thanks again for your help.  I'm learning so much.  Still a long way to go to being a consistently profitable trader; however, I feel like I am making progress.  As you can see I ask a lot of questions so I really value the ability to ask real-time questions in live situations - it really accelerates the learning process.

Also, I followed you in both ULTA and ZLTQ and I was able to profit in both.  I trade small but even trading small, I made enough in those 2 trades alone to more than pay for my membership in TATODAY.

Travis T



TA Today,

Thank you for the free trial.

I am just not great at following a trading service. May be some day. Nevertheless I think Mr Little is a very decent and honest person that deserves to succeed. I will follow the evening videos.

All the best.

Marty Y




I sincerely thank both you and L.A. for your true honesty and integrity.

Yours truly,


Bethlehem, PA



Dear LA,


Just to thank you for the video and in particular, your explanation of the probabilities of a retest failing after a breakout.  Very useful.  

Have you done a members video on breakouts?  I am not sure I saw one.

By the way, I recall you said that you are working on a new book.  How is that going (interested in knowing what will be in it)? 

Many thanks and kind regards


Bryan S.

London, England


Editors Note: The request for a video on breakouts has been added to our list of members only videos and will be recorded as requested.


Hi LA,

I just wanted to send another note on how much I appreciate your weekly video updates, they are wonderful and a wealth of great technical info which really puts everything in perspective and helps take the chaos out of the daily market action. 

I wish I had taken your recent winning google pick, but i was caught up in the fear of this recent steep pullback and couldn't pull the trigger. I'm still 100% in cash and look forward to your next selections so I can finally start making some money! lol

Larry W.

New York


Dear L.A.,

I heard you say on one of the Daily wraps that someone was complaining - I just want you to know I really appreciate your work. I bought your Trends book now I am buying your Trade Like The Little Guy book. One question - now we are in a down trend - at least daily on the SPX - right?  So so we look for spots to get short(PUTS) or do we look for brief rally spots (major resistance) or both? Thanks again for a very valuable web site.

Fred H.



Dear L.A.,

I just wanted to write a note of thanks for all the great work you do. As someone who has subscribed to a wide variety of advisory services over the years, I think your integrity, technical expertise and willingness to share information and educate others are unlike anything I have experienced in the past. I have no doubt that your contribution to the field of technical analysis will stand the test of time, regardless of the occasional critic.

Best regards,

Ray J.


I ran P/L's last night for trading since 10/1/13 thru yesterday. I don't obsess on these but I knew that my trading really took a exponential leap forward about then. Very much due to your tutelage. I am hard headed but your good influence has prevailed.

In one non trivial taxable account I am discretionary trading, based on some fundamental pre-selection, but then strictly trading based on your trading signals, I am up 75% since 10/1/13. One of the best trades was a spread on platinum/gold and I didn't trade it as well as I could have.

Thanks LA.

Gary S

Colorado Springs



Just wanted you to know I bought Trend Qualification and Trading and have started reading it. Thanks again for your insights each day.

Fred H

Marietta, GA


Hi LA,

Any views on WTW (weight watchers)? Did it perform an over under on the monthly (dipped below the low and then went back up on lighter volume in Nov 2013)? It is also sitting above major support on monthly so maybe a buy? Perhaps you can cover in your nightly video.

Just to let you know that I am really enjoying being a subscriber and value the truly excellent service your provide. I have tried a few other services and yours is by far the best.

thanks again and kind regards,

Bryan S.

London, England


Hey L.A,

I know I'm always thanking you but I don't think I can ever thank you enough. I wanted to make a point that I'm very impressed with the way you have improved the site over the last year. The fact that you are always looking for ways to improve and make things better is a testament to your character. I wanted to point out while I have time that I really like the way you have broken down the morning comments into multiple subheading. It gives a clear breakdown on different ideas and topics. Showing the daily trading signals of interest is also great because it helps save me time from going in and looking myself (I know I'm lazy ;)) and see your thoughts on the top results.

The one minute trades are also really cool bringing out some trade ideas. Its great because it shows your thinking and how you look at and approach different situations.

As always thanks for everything you do and the amazing value you bring to your subscribers. I cant wait for the day that I can trade full time!!

Have a great day,

Zach G

Toronto, Canada


Dear L.A.

I just want to say Thank you for your honest to us! I was really "Touched" when last night (Taiwan Time) you honestly said you are "net short" at that time! I bought several Newsletters before! Everyone has always  "Covered" their Mistakes! You are a decent man! And also, it is really helpful for you informing us to Place limit orders before the Market open! I just cannot watch market all night (Taiwan Time!) Thank you again!




Hello L.A.

I writing to you to express a few thoughts as I’ve always appreciated your feedback through our occasional email exchanges.     Sunday is the time when I try to find a quiet spot, away from the computer and think.  As a UK domicile, front of mind once again is USD volatility.  Since July 9th USD has depreciated against British Pound by nearly 9% . Ouch!  It was interesting for me to look back to an email I sent you 25th July expressing USD bullish.  I can also recall saying to you mid-summer I was bearish EURO.   How wrong was those calls?    Against a background that since July 9th, through until last Friday close, SPY (S&P500) is up 5% in USD but in GBP terms down 4% (round numbers) I’m also reflecting upon my previous USD bullish sentiment was significantly influenced by expensively purchased research and countless hours of online reading.    The prime thought I wanted to share with you is that last few weeks has taught me a lesson, one where I’ve since taken corrective action.  I’ve drastically reduced my sources of information/reading lists.    A notable exception being TA TODAY, which I value more highly almost with every passing day.   I’ve also extended my investment horizons beyond US/UK/European (German) Markets e.g. last 6 weeks the New Zealand market is up 5% and the NZD currency over same time frame up  4%  against GBP.  An appreciating asset valuation denominated in an appreciating currency v GBP is an optimal situation.  Compared to three months back I now apply a much greater focus on staying aware of Global FX trends.

Best regards,

Mike T




My name is Michael and I'm a 24 year old Chicagoan who works in corporate finance.  I came across your website as a Student at DePaul University (Graduated 2011) and have been a loyal follower ever since.

I am writing to say, thanks for all you do! Tatoday.com is the first site I visit on a daily basis to understand what issues are effecting the markets and why. No one describes the big picture in such a clear, concise and comprehensible format like you do. The trade chatter is like my personal daily executive summary. I always feel grounded and in control after tapping in to your veteran investor's mind.

I read your book "Trade like the Little Guy" back in school (found myself reading that more than my textbooks). This is one of the VERY FEW personal investing books I've read front to back. This actually changed my trading strategy, since I try managing a small portion of savings on my own, and completely changed my results for the better! I've been profitable every year since 2010. For 2013, I'm already up over 20%! The account is a small portion of my savings and retirement funds, but I feel managing several thousand dollars on my own keeps me in tune with the markets. Besides, where's the fun in mindlessly throwing every last cent into 401k and Savings?! As I get older, gain experience and accumulate wealth, I intend to handle more of my savings on my own.


Anyways I don't want to make this any longer than it has to be, so again, I appreciate all you do for us little guys! I recommend your site to friends and family all the time. Keep the neo-classical thoughts coming!


Michael S

Chicago IL




You have a unique ability to explain what should be obvious, but is often not thought out,  in a logical way. I think it would make for a great video in your library.

I have learned more about how the market works in my 3 weeks with you than in the previous 3 years. Very nice work. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I now have no indicators on my charts and can see the flow of money for the first time. Less is more.

W. Morris



Just got your renewal notice. Check in the mail this week.

Gave me pause to reflect over the last year. Improvements are coming fast and furious and your value continues to be even more of the off the charts than it already was.

You know you are very good at what you do and don't need me to tell you  -- but I will anyway.

The thing that continues to impress me most is your transparency and honesty. By that I mean you don't hold back what you know as something proprietary, like so many of your competitors.You are honest about what you know and don't know. You view education as a valuable part of your mission. And these attributes are a basis for real value.

A new book and a new online system to support that book all in one year are amazing for a small enterprise.  Every broadcast and everyday seems to reveal a new surprise. (Loved the relative strength list with hyperlinks - shows some of the power that watchlists will bring.)

I look at the last year as an opportunity that doesn't come one's way often and I am convinced that the success that you will eventually see is just starting.

Looking forward to another great year and hope you are having as much fun as I am.

Gary S

Colorado Springs



Thank you so much for all you do L.A. The other day when I couldn't find the links, it was in my spam for some reason. Hopefully I won't bother you again with such a trivial issue. Take this opportunity to let you know how much you have helped me with trading and everything since joining recently. I really feel lucky to have you as a "coach". I know I have lots of things I need to work on, but feel really optimistic about the future. If you are ever in Las Vegas for a convention or whatever, it would be my pleasure to give you a lift to your hotel or anything I can do to help you out.

Thanks again,

Arthur D.

Las Vegas

Hi L.A,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for writing your books and sharing your knowledge. I have been extremely impressed by your methodology and simple logic. It brings me to one of my favorite quotes by E.F Schumacher - "Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."

The set of tools you offer through TATODAY are great. The hard work and research behind them makes them even that much better. Having your insight on a daily bases has been extremely beneficial and I've only been with the site for less than a week now. I look forward to a long and hopefully mutually beneficial relationship (I know it will be good for me, hopefully somehow I can give something back to you).

Thanks again,

Zach G.

Hi LA,

You are that beacon light in the stormy sea for me. Thanks for all that you do.



I've been entering Canadian market symbols and they are starting to show up in the Trading Cube and Charts. Thanks for adding Canadian market capabilities to your services! I truly appreciate your responsiveness.

Domenic D


Hi, I have made $811 this week using only 33% of my portfolio. Thank you! On Feb. 3rd I will subscribe for a yearly subscription on the website.

Katherine B

San Francisco

I know you're in-transit, else otherwise highly occupied right now with the show.But I wanted to drop you a quick line...once more, it seems...

In retirement I find myself distracted from investing (money) into investing in some of the fun things I always wanted to do but had to defer while having a job, raising a family, and so forth.

I retired not rich, not even really well-to-do and in fact probably very low by your standards; but I am retired very comfortably and have little room for complaint as I scan around the so many people who live as closely day to day as they do.

So, living on a modest, but comfortable fixed income, I am more concerned about capital preservation (as all should be at all ages, I suppose) than massive appreciation at the price of more risk than I am comfortable.I cannot fail to invest, as I hope to live another generational period, but I cannot afford to lose substantial capital, either.

This most recent downturn has been probably the third or fourth time that working with you on the intermediate time frame has saved my bacon (n.b. that includes the BIG downturn)!My loss in the very most recent downturn has been at about 1/2 of 1%!!With your general market guidance, I have been able to keep a 401k equivalent at almost exactly what its funding was when I retired, now nearly 4 years ago, while at the same time making meaningful monthly withdrawals.

I know, understand, and appreciate that to many this may sound like a back-handed compliment, but that's simply not so to me who lives on a modest fixed income.Keeping this ancillary nest egg to my annuity viable makes the difference between simply getting by and having some joy in these important years.

L.A., you've made a difference.Never having met you, though feeling as though I know you, I think you'll find satisfaction in that assertion.Given the paltry amount I send you each year, I've "saved" 10, maybe 20 times the losses I would otherwise have had.The difference in life style, well, as they say, "priceless."I hope all will understand your FIRST principle:capital preservation!

So thanks again, even though I don't seem to be able to be sufficiently competent to work on the shorter than intermediate timeframes.

Dave H



As I read your morning comments I am impressed (amazed) by your work. Your tenacity and intelligence are to be admired. Thanks for the updates and continued program improvements.

Richard M


Thank you for the encouragement to become familiar with trend qualification and money management through book study.

Jason H



I listened to the Thursday night’s commentary and I really enjoy your point of view.

The way you explain your setups and the way you answer questions I can tell you have been at this a long time.

I’m reading another book right now it’s ( The Master Swing Trader by Alan Farley)its ok!

He uses all the trend lines, RSI, MACd, B Bands, and patterns. I have read several books on trading and until I read your book  none of them gave me feeling that using there techniques would really give me an edge at reading stocks or the market as a whole.   I really never wanted to give swing trading a chance because it seemed to simplistic.  I wouldn’t have read your book but the title: Trend Qualification & trading perked my interest.

I glad I read it because you have added a new dimension to analyzing the markets. Thank You!


Orange County, California


I have subscribed to quite a few stock market services over the years and you are off the charts for value. A big thanks.

Gary S.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Mr. Little I can't thank you enough.I will even go so far as to say that you have been my most reliable and best adviser in terms of seeing the big picture and cutting through the emotional and biased information that is so prevalent out there.You apply a scientific and well thought out approach and I like the way you think, speak and write.Thanks to your foresight, I am up for the year and sidestepped the major crises and was cautious on the returns, not ever being greedy.I look forward to another year of following with you.I'm sorry about you dear friend's sickness and I wish you great health and happiness in the years to come.You are very, very much appreciated.

Shawn C.
Lowell, Massachusetts


Thanks, L.A, for all you do.  While I don’t articulate it to my family who simply are not into this stuff in the same way I am, nonetheless I privately gave you mention in my thanksgiving thoughts.

Seeing your thoughts unfold for the last few weeks, I finished putting all my tsp (federal equivalent of 401k) into cash at COB 11/18/11.  I’ve been getting “short” via my 3x etfs.  And today, I was willing to take a few losses on some of my longs to reduce further potential losses and gather a little bit of powder, either to keep in reserve or to devote to more 3x bear etfs, depending upon how this all unfolds (others I left long, strategically, just to keep throughout the storm and to hedge if we end up being wrong about where we’re going).  This isn’t a lot of money in what I trade...only about 15k, but I’ve seen good improvement in my track record over the last year, largely based on your many thoughts (even, mostly, from the free stuff).  Maybe, when this is all over, it will be more like 20k!!!!

So, yeah, I AM the classical “Little Guy.”  And I don’t have the agility or sufficient courage of my convictions to ever be more than that (although I am, slowly, becoming more “daring!”), preferring many 1st base hits to the home run.  But it has been through your capital preservation assistance more than anything else that has saved me, repeatedly, from big losses.  And even when wrong, well, maybe I missed some appreciation, but greed is not what this is all about.  For your help, I am truly grateful.  Thanks for teaching!!




The TnT, Teaching and Trading chat room, is exactly what I needed to maximize my trading potential. LA Little's technical analysis, educational approach and stock market experience is truly unparalleled. The consistent daily profits I realize, combined with preservation of capital , is allowing me to make money, safely, that I never thought possible.

Arthur S.
Tequesta, FL


Hi, my name is Arnold and I am an senior associate with a large financial planning firm in Canada and have been for more than 30 years. My days work is full with clients that need financial planning assistance so I have little time to trade during the day. When I manage to get away, I have found that M Little is one of the best trading teachers in the business, his articles take little time to read and are very accurate.

I was privileged to take part in the Beta trial and I have used it on a regular basis since the beginning. I have learned more about trading in the past couple months than in my entire career, I am a financial planner and not a professional trader nor a broker. Oh, and by the way, I have put many dollars in my pocket by applying M Little’s teachings.

I subscribe to many new letters and sites that have different techniques and advice, I am at the point that I will reduce that number and concentrate on the ones that contribute to my learning and my profitability. M Little is on the top of my list to keep and apply his techniques. As a financial planner, my goal is to Build, Organize and Transfer Wealth to the next generation. Thank you M Little in giving me the tools to help my clients achieve their goals and my own of course.

As I say to my clients and friends, "trading is for adults only" and 21 years old does not necessarily make you an adult.

Arnold M.
Montreal, Canada

L.A., I am really enjoying your Premium Service and your newest book. I read part 1 twice and have just started part 2. I was having difficulty in my trading, and I can already see how powerful trend qualification is. I made enough money on HXL (your suggestion) to pay for the Premium Service, and probably several times more than that on my picks utilizing trend qualification as I understand it at this point…really good stuff.

Steve W.
St Louis, Missouri

I have been at home trading on my own for a few years now. The ups and down of the market were frustrating and eating away at my capital. Even worse I had to trade on my own because my bank's portfolio manager was just letting my portfolio bleed out money. Then I found TA Today with LA. Little and wow what a difference. Daily updates on the general markets, trades to make you money and reduce your risk, personal advice on market related new and events. Not only does LA make it simple to follow along for a novice he teaches you how to do it yourself. Also you can day trade along with him in the TNT room . Each and everyday we trade together in the TNT room. Not only is LA explaining what he is doing but he teaches you why and how ! Joining TA Today and in conjunction with LA's book Trend Qualification and Trading and you will easily make money and reduce your risk !

Patrick L.
Ontario, Canada


Just wanted you to know I bought Trend Qualification and Trading  and have started reading it. Thanks again for your insights each day.