TA Today offers a suite of products that address the gambit of financial trading problems you face. L.A. is pioneering reductionism when it comes to trading - making the complex simple. He does that through his neoclassical approach where everything gets boiled down to swing points, trends, anchor bars and zones. Everything he does stems from that.

Video Guide to TA Today Products and Services

Below are written descriptions of the services but first, let L.A. take you through the products and services in his own unique way showing you what we do, how we do it and why you should be part of it.

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For 2 weeks you can checkout all the tools; portfolios and L.A.'s daily commentary and weekly video updates as well as full access to all the patent pending neoclassical tools available on TA Today. To take advantage of this offer, just use the subscription button below to sign up and we will get you started. A description of each of the two packages is provided below.

Tools and Services
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The Wall Street Service

What we offer to you are a series of patent pending neoclassical tools and, a portfolio L.A. manages that spans short, intermediate and long term picks. Wall Street is a unique blend of tools and advisory services centered on L.A.'s neoclassical models geared to create consistent profitability without huge drawdowns to your account. More details about all of this follow.

Portfolio Service:

If you want to manage your own accounts and would like L.A.'s advice and portfolio picks, you will want to be sure to check out the Wall Street Portfolio service. With this service, emails are sent each morning with that day's thoughts along with links to the open and closed positions, and historical performance. There are plenty of links to self-help video links, explanations of how the portfolio is managed, etc. Every other week L.A. reviews the portfolio and what has transpired recently bringing you up-to-date with his thoughts about the market fundamentally and technically. Note that trades are only issued prior to the market open and that intraday you are welcome to pop into the TnT room (see below) to see L.A's intraday thoughts and trading ideas.

Neoclassical Tools:


For those who are interesting in learning to fish rather than having the fish caught for you, then our suggesting is to watch how L.A. trades; pick up one or more of his books; utilize the neoclassical tool-set available to you. A complete listing of those tools follow with links to each.