guest commentary

$Compq- 3052/3110 targets still in play but barely

A weak triangle pop never reached target and has been more than completely retraced- see the following 66hr 30min chart.

The vertical line on Dec 12 indicates an 11 day interval on which a 3035 high was reached. "A"start at 3035 to the center of "B" at 3017 projected a "C" target at 2999. We "blew through" 2999 without a revisit to confirm thus making 2999 the virtual center of a projection to 2963 (3035-2999=36, 2999-36=2963). We reached 2964 last Friday and bulls are hoping here for a substantial bounce that continues subwave 3 up to its 3052 target. A fall below 2958 cancels the 3052 target and a fall below 2936 cancels the 3110 target.