guest commentary

$Compq- 3186 ultra short term wave 5 target

We should hit 3186 either today or tomorrow- see the following 13 day daily chart.

Wave 1 start to the center of wave 4 at 3131.5 projects a 3186 wave 5 target ultra short term. The fat vertical line represents an 11 day interval counting from the 09/21/12 3197 top so far. The skinny vertical lines represent an 11 day interval counting from the 11/16/12 2811 possible "A" low. The fat lines lead the skinny lines by 5 days and both have been marking significant highs and lows within a day. The last skinny line is marking today or tomorrow as a significant top. If we fail to hit 3186, its possible that we may have put in a "B" top with today's high so far of 3161. If so, "A" start at 3197 to the center of "B" at 2986 projects a 2775 "C" target. AAPL may hold the key when they report tonight.