trade chatter

New highs as far as the eyes can see

We have new highs printing in many indexes and some sectors as the crawl higher continues as if nothing matters anymore. I guess we are so undervalued that only higher prices can cure that problem. The story is old, repetitive and needs no further comments at this juncture. Each day we wake up, there's some worry here and there but the market just doesn't seem to care and the buyers come out each and everyday and put a bid under any selling that may surface. Late in the day this is especially true as not sell off during the day is allowed to carry overnight.

The problem at this point is there very little one can do as the risk of buying up here far outweighs the gains in my opinion. You can dink around but deploying large sums of money at these levels just doesn't make a lot of sense. So you wait --- just like I am.