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To watch TA TV, just pick a channel and enjoy the shows live or archived. (Note, you have to have pretty good bandwidth to view the live show so if it is buffering and cutting in and out that is the reason. The archive shows have great compression and easily viewed without buffering issues).

Channel Link
Availability Device Accessibility
LiveStream All shows streamed live and archived for a short period of time

All devices during broadcast. Non-mobile devices outside broadcast hours

YouTube Archived Shows

All devices; anytime

Podcast* Archived Shows All devices; anytime


Interaction with TA TV Host

Send a text message

Methods Where to
LiveStream Chatroom

Just log into LiveStream and type into chat session


Email questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Text Messages

Send a text message to 303.912.9110


TA TV Schedule

Event Dates Time
Daily TA Wrap

Monday-Thursday (No Show 9/1/2014)

Live 9:00 PM EST

Weekly TA Wrap

Sunday (No show 8/31/2014)

Live 9:00 PM EST

* To be notified of upcoming events, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Viewing and Interactive Details

  • To watch the show live, just click on the LiveStream above or here.
  • To participate with L.A. when broadcasting (ask questions about your favorite stocks or anything market related), then just create an account at LiveStream and enter your questions into the chat box prior to or during the show. L.A. will answer then if time permits.

Recorded Shows

All TA TV schedule events and programs are archived and available to you on demand. If you can't be there live, just select a channel link from above and watch on your computer or your mobile device at your convenience.

All archived shows are available to you on your mobile device 24 hrs per day via TAToday's YouTube channel.

Music Used on the Show

L.A. feels privileged to have the uplifting music composed by John Hoefflin - a friend of the family - as an introduction and trailer to the broadcast. You can find more about John's music on the TA TV Music page.