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Neoclassical Chart Game

L.A's neoclassical model comes to life with Chart Game - a trading game simulator using real world data - it just doesn't tell you what the year is nor the stock.

Neoclassical TA is trading system developed by L.A. Little and documented in his two books "Trend Qualification and Trading"

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As these books teach you, the neoclassical model is a probability based model with a high win rate. It systematically defines trend (direction) and timing (when to get in and when to get out). It furthermore divides the trading world into just two types of trades - breakouts and retraces. All other trades are derivative of these two types. Once you divide the world into just two trade types then you can then examine the historical data and derive the probabilities for entry and exit based on the remain neoclassical principles as defined in the above two books.

If you really want to learn to trade, then buy the books, study them and use the game to improve your trading skills. Once you get far enough along, then Join the Community and get mentored to learn all the nuances that L.A. has documented and where mentors (those who have already been taught) by pairing up one-on-one for however long it takes and at a pace that fits your life schedule.

L.A. has championed the idea that anyone can learn to trade in a consistently profitable manner and the mentoring group at TA Today are a testament to that reality. Become another successful trader in time if that's what you choose. Start with the game, the books and invest some time and you'll be amazed at what is possible.

Here's a help video to get you started on the game itself.


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Neoclassical Tools Help

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