Trading Ranges and the Bell Curve

Neoclassical TA works on any time frame and any market. As a guide to intraday traders, TA Today publishes the expected range and trend targets for both the upside and downside. Read on to understand what the theory is behind these range and trend targets.

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Books by L.A. Little

L.A. is a prolific writer, an author of several books and countless articles and videos.

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Educational Material

Eat the fish handed to you or learn to fish for yourself. We, at TA Today believe you are far better off to learn to fish than to be spoon fed. To this end, we provide you with plenty of education material, ideas and tools to assist your learning process.

Educational Material, Ideas and Tools

Educational Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words so here are some videos to help you with your neoclassical education. There are two channels with a collection of neoclassical videos; the first and introduction to the model, tools and the application of while the second contains short, in depth details on particular model concepts and tools. 

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Introduction to Neoclassical Technical Analysis


Neoclassical Model Concepts, Application and Tools